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Mountain and Sea
Nature and Townscape
Uphill and Downhill
Destination of the journey and The place of return
Pedaling, Pedaling , Hilly town






Muroran, which originates from the Ainu language term "Moruerani" (meaning "a place below a small hill").

Rent an electric bicycle and enjoy a refreshing cycling experience in a hilly port town.

The landscapes and sense of achievement that can only be encountered on a bicycle. Let's go and discover the charm of a small yet resilient town, which may easily be overlooked when traveling by car.


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Photo Gallery

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Local Guides

Local people who know the town well will guide you through the attractions of Muroran from a local perspective.

You may find core information that is different from general guidebooks.Recommended stopover during cycling.

Cycling freely around Muroran with a map!

Design your own journey with the cycling map to support your cycling, and embark on a journey through the scenery of Muroran, where nature and the city are interwoven.


■FY 2023 Operating period 

April-29 (Sat) -  October-31(Tue)  

■Cycle tour with locals

Participation fee: 9,000 yen per person (including guide and lunch or snacks)
Destination is negotiable.
*Takes 3 to 4 hours.

​■Rental rates 

1 hour ... 1,100 yen
1 day ... 5,500 yen

Includes a special road map for cycling!

*Applicable height 144 cm - 190 cm, maximum loading weight 77 kg. (From the manufacturer's website)

*Please contact us for multi-day rentals. 
*Includes accident and liability insurance premiums.

Please contact us from the link below.

​■Application for rental

*Please return the bicycles to the place where you rented them.

*Some dates may not be available due to equipment preparation.

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